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    The Wuxi New Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Wuxi, a new Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. 
    Address:, Luoshe Zhenyang City, Wuxi City 
    Chairman: Zeng Bay Mobile: 013906191683 
    Email: chuxinhuanbao@vip.163.com

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    Automatic plating equipment keeps pace with the times

    Automatic electroplating equipment production still occupies a place in modern manufacturing industry, electroplating technology can follow up the progress of high-tech industry. Compared with other majors in modern manufacturing, the progress of electroplating technology in China can not fully keep up with the rapid development of high-tech and modern manufacturing needs. Compared with the international advanced level, there is still a big gap in basic raw materials, electroplating equipment, electroplating technology, electroplating production management, resource saving and environmental protection. If the technological gap is only a matter of level, then the soaring of resources and prices will endanger the prosperity of the industry and the survival of enterprises. Under the dual pressure of resources and environmental problems, the electroplating industry can only keep up with the pace of the times if it resolutely follows the path of sustainable development. Collect hydrogen and oxygen in the electrolysis process, and electrolyze sewage to collect hydrogen and oxygen, and then enter the hydrogen fuel boiler for heating or power generation. The by-product of combustion is pure water. Pure water can also be used for electroplating. This new comprehensive utilization mode of comprehensive wastewater treatment is completely possible under the condition of sufficient electric energy.